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About Us

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We offer heirloom & heritage grown seeds varieties, that have been long forgotten in our modern world and cannot be found in commercial shops or gardening catalogues.

As we are whanui farming collective group growing and producing products for NZ conditions. We are operating from our farms to your door directly. We are unable at this stage to export, only for New Zealand Market. We supply home gardeners, commercial and wholesale.

 Our motivation for offering interesting and unusual items from our “core purpose”, and that is to be the catalyst that:

  • Creates/promises excitement in the world of flowers, vegetables, bulbs, tubers, etc., taking ordinary gardens to beautiful, bountiful, inspirational and memorable gardens.
  • Delivers our products of premium quality-bred varieties that “succeed” through optimum performance, through consistently reliable production.

In short, we are passionate about helping you turn your gardens into beautiful ones! To do that, we offer high quality products of interesting and unusual items that you often can’t purchase “anywhere else”.

Our family has been growing vegetables for more than 4 generations in New Zealand. It has been our work and passion. We love to share our knowledge and expertise with our valued customers and are always happy to answer questions. We specialize in cultivating rare and unique varieties, well suited for cooler climates, as well as traditional varieties. Our selection has expanded each year as we choose new varieties to grow.

Despite the harsh climate of New Zealand, we grow and harvest all the plants on our family farm in harmony with nature. The seeds we offer are not genetically modified or bred by heterosis. All the photographs on this website have been taken by us and depict the plants in their natural form. We are proud to offer you the greatest quality of seeds possible along with the high ranked customer service. We try our best to satisfy our customers by processing each order with the greatest care and commitment. We are excited to share our passion for gardening with you! Enjoy your shopping!

Each year we have been seeking out and adding new products to cater for everyone’s individual style, enabling you to continue to grow and develop your garden into that masterpiece you see in your mind’s eye.

Returns Policy

Here we could include information about your return policy. For example: If the goods you receive are faulty, we will replace those goods if they are returned to our warehouse within 30 days of purchase. Reimbursement for shipping expenses will be up to the value of the original quoted shipping cost. After 30 days, returns and refunds are subject to manufacturers warranty.

Privacy Policy

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Shipping Policy

Here we can include information about your shipping policy. For example: We will process your order within 1 business day following payment in cleared funds. Payment by online banking cannot be checked until the next business day. We will send you an email notifying you when your order has been shipped. Please allow up to 2 days for delivery domestically, or 1 week internationally.

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